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Renewed styles

An authenticity that transcends time

A family history for the owners, the employees and the clients.

Our history

It was in 1958 that Ernest Iarrera opened his first clothing boutique for men on Sainte-Catherine Street Est, in Montreal. This self-made entrepreneur and son of Italian immigrants wanted to offer the latest fashion trends to all Quebecers.


In very little time, Ernest store signs started multiplying in the metropolis’ urban landscape, mainly in shopping centers, which were a new phenomenon.


In 1991, the company extended its territory to Quebec City, the first step in a province-wide expansion, from Gatineau to Rimouski.


Today, Ernest has over 300 employees, 37 stores and a transactional website. The company has grown, while maintaining its family-oriented character. The founder’s son and daughter are now in charge of operations. Like them, many employee’s children have also pursued their career at Ernest. 


Our clients are also an integral part of this family affair. It is not rare that some of our consultants have dressed a father, a son and even a grandson. These men have allowed us to be a part of their daily lives as well as their most important occasions.



as legacy

The 80s

To share our story, our team has delved into the archives. Of course, some styles made us smile and some hairstyles should have clearly been kept hidden in the archival vault. But we have discovered accessories, cuts and materials that have stood the test of time. They might be from the past, but could easily be part of a future season’s trends. However, we have noted that authenticity never goes out of fashion. And it is our signature style. 


Today, Ernest’s collections and personalized service rely on a 65-year heritage that was built with experience and inspiration. 65 years of understanding and surprising the modern man. 65 years of integrating iconic fashion trends, while mastering the classics.


Thank you for being part of our story.


Fall 2018

The 70s


With times comes

value and innovation

keeps one young.

Making heads turn has been in our DNA for 60 years.

The 70s

The 70s


Ernest Martin Iarrera - Founder of Entreprises Ernest

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